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Tempeh is a traditional soy food originally conceived in Indonesia. It is made with a fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake, sort of like a veggie burger patty. A lot of traditional foods are made through the process of fermentation like yogurt, pickles, and kefir. The fermentation of soybeans really brings out their nutritional value. It has an earthy flavor and firm texture as well. It’s extremely tasty, and it’s used as a meat analogue around the world. If you are a vegetarian, consider this food. For more information on tempeh, including its history, an assortment of delicious recipes, and tempeh’s health benefits, visit this site.

Make Your Own Tempeh

All you need in order to make tempeh are whole soybeans, a tempeh starter and a bit of vinegar.

Our Tempeh Starter Quality

Factories that make tempeh for the masses buy tempeh starter from us because they value the high quality and consistency that it has. Our tempeh starter is dependable, and it guarantees factories a high success rate in their production of tempeh. We have a special laboratory where we make our own tempeh starter, and we can guarantee the quality every time. More importantly, we can guarantee the safety. Our production process and laboratory is routinely monitored and inspected by the local health department. In addition, our tempeh starters are Kosher certified. You can download our latest certificate here.