What is the shelf life of tempeh starter culture?

Tempeh starter culture has a shelf life of about one year after the date of production. If it’s stored in a dry and cool place, then it will be active for a number of years.

Is tempeh starter fit for vegan or vegetarian diet?

Tempeh starter culture is alright for vegans and vegetarians. It is grown on soybeans and rice.

What common allergens are in your tempeh starter culture?

The only common allergen in our tempeh starter culture is soy. Our starter is also free of gluten.

How can I tell if my tempeh came out right?

The soybeans should be covered in a thick layer of white mycelium, without any appearance of black spots. The tempeh cake should have a balanced fineness so that you can cut a slice without it crumbling. It might smell a little like mushrooms or nuts, with a slight hint of ammonia perhaps.

Can I eat raw tempeh?

Our tempeh starter culture is created under sterile conditions and is completely free of pathogenic bacteria. However, when you make tempeh at home, it is always possible that some bacteria will sneak in there and contaminate the whole batch. These bacteria could grow during the fermentation process. We recommend that you fry or cook your tempeh before you consume it.

How do I store my tempeh?

You can store tempeh for up to one week in the refrigerator or three months in the freezer.