Oncom starter 75g

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Oncom Starter 75g

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Oncom is very popular in West Java, Indonesia. It is less well-known outside of Indonesia and is not as widely available internationally as tempeh. It is traditionally made from by-products of soybean processing and usually mixed with other ingredients like peanut press cake.

With 75 g black oncom starter you can make about 25kg of final oncom. This oncom starter has a shelf life of 1 year and contains only rice and rhizopus oligosporus spores. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

This oncom starter can also be used as soy-free tempeh starter to make soy-free tempeh, because it contains no soy and grows well on non-soy substrates, such as grains, lentils, peas and other legumes. It can produce black spots after about 24 hours of fermentation, hence the name black oncom starter.

4 reviews for Oncom starter 75g

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    Susanna Roth


    Fast shipping. The best oncom starter I have ever used. I highly recommend this product!

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    A great way to use up okara from making soymilk. We have made several double and triple batches. It works out very well. We love the result. Oncom is delicious. The best and most delicious way of preparing okara. We used to make okara burgers, but oncom is much more satisfying. We love the texture. Highly recommend it to people who make their own soymilk.

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    Sandra Menendez

    I am allergic to soy, this starter is great for making soy free tempeh! So far I made tempeh from split peas and chickpeas. Perfect result!

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    Efe Bruenner

    I am very happy with result. Final oncom is very dense and can be sliced easily. I stopped fermentation after 30 hours, no black spores developed.

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