Tempeh Starter 75g

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Tempeh Starter 75g

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With 75 g tempeh starter you can make up to 25kg of finished tempeh. The tempeh starter has a shelf-life of 1 year. Ingredients: rice, soya, rhizopus spores. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

About our tempeh starter

We sell our tempeh starter in packages of 10g and 75g. You can make 25kg of tempeh with 75g tempeh starter!

It has a shelf-life of 1 year and is produced in our own laboratory under sterile conditions, so we can guarantee its quality. Ingredients: rice, soya, rhizopus spores. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, GMO-free and kosher certified.

You will notice that fresh homemade tempeh tastes and smells a lot better than store-bought tempeh. Fresh tempeh made with our starter smells like a mix of mushrooms and apples. Very nice!

38 reviews for Tempeh Starter 75g

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    100 % satisfied. By now, I always order two 75g packs at once, and store the starter in the fridge, and it still works perfectly after 2 years (although I am fairly positive that it would also last and still work if kept outside of a fridge). Easy and convenient ordering process, fast shipping. Definitely a customer for years and years to come.

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    This is a reliable and dependable product. Works well. Highly recommended.

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    Amazing product, works every time. I make chickpea tempeh and it’s delicious, works out as a fraction of the cost of storebought tempeh with very little work. Have purchased again, my first 25g bag lasted me about 4-5 months – you only need 3/4 tsp for 1 kg of soaked beans. Arrives to the UK really quickly too.

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    Sophie Yang

    Great quality, stable and beautiful result. It works perfect with all kinds of beans, rice, and rice with turmeric. I also tried to produce fresh starter from this starter. The “babies” are quite energetic too, though without a high tech machine, and my own fresh starter can only stay for a much shorter time. Great experience with topcultures.com’s starter!

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    Ken Fornataro

    We have been making tempeh since the 1970’s. This is the best tempeh starter (Rhizopus oryzae) we have ever used. We use it for all of our online classes and international meetings, see https://Cultures.Group, as well as in person demonstrations. This product makes great tempeh from rice, wheat, squash, mushrooms, and any bean we chose. It’s also an excellent addition as a culture to add to Aspergillus oryzae to make koji. Best doboroku and sake ever!

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    Gregg McKenzie

    There are sooo many variables that can go wrong making perfect tempeh – topcultures.com’s starter is NOT one of them!

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    Charles Reinius

    Works very good with different peas and beans.

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    Siri Guru Mat

    A fantastic product, tempeh turns out fantastic every time. Thanks for making this Erik and ensuring the good and healthy quality of the spores.

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    Samuel Henriksson

    Good quality, fast delivery.

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    I can recommend this product! Bought it a few times and my tempeh turns out perfect!

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