Tempeh Starter 10g

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Tempeh Starter 10g

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With 10 g tempeh starter from Topcultures you can make up to 4 kg of finished tempeh. The tempeh starter has a shelf-life of 1 year. Ingredients: rice, soya, rhizopus spores. This tempeh starter is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. You can find instructions for making tempeh with this starter here.

2 reviews for Tempeh Starter 10g

  1. Daniel Jawna

    First try and it worked right away! I simply used cooler packs which i heated in hot water to incubate the tempeh, and changed them a couple of time for the first 10 hours to maintain the temperature. after that the tempeh produced its own heat. after about 30 hours it was done and had developed a pleasant fruity and caramel like aroma. When pan fried, the flavor was like freshly backed bread, roasted nuts and camembert.

  2. Lucas R

    Very easy to use! Dehulling the soybeans only took a few minutes. Now I can make my own vegan meat. Next time I will order the 75g package. Thanks for such a wonderfull product!

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