Tempeh Starter 10g

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Tempeh Starter 10g

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With 10 g tempeh starter from Topcultures you can make up to 4 kg of finished tempeh. The tempeh starter has a shelf-life of 1 year. Ingredients: rice, soya, rhizopus spores. This tempeh starter is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. You can find instructions for making tempeh with this starter here.

5 reviews for Tempeh Starter 10g

  1. English

    Dubois J.


    The first time ever i made soybean tempeh was with this starter, and it was a success! I followed the instructions on the website of Topcultures. Now I will make tempeh from chickpeas and black beans.

  2. Dutch


    Ik heb twee keer tempeh geproduceerd met deze starter en het is altijd goed gelukt. Ik heb geen azijn gebruikt zoals velen suggereren, maar ik liet de sojabonen 3-4 dagen weken.

  3. English


    I have twice produced tempeh with this starter and it has always turned out well. I didn’t use vinegar as many suggest but I left the soy to soak for 3-4 days.

  4. English

    Daniel Jawna

    First try and it worked right away! I simply used cooler packs which i heated in hot water to incubate the tempeh, and changed them a couple of time for the first 10 hours to maintain the temperature. after that the tempeh produced its own heat. after about 30 hours it was done and had developed a pleasant fruity and caramel like aroma. When pan fried, the flavor was like freshly backed bread, roasted nuts and camembert.

  5. English

    Lucas R

    Very easy to use! Dehulling the soybeans only took a few minutes. Now I can make my own vegan meat. Next time I will order the 75g package. Thanks for such a wonderfull product!

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