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Showing all 2 results

Our tempeh starter

Our tempeh starter is made in a our own laboratory under sterile conditions, ensuring that you get pure Rhizopus spores, without contaminating bacteria. We ensure that its strength is high and consistent at 8 million Rhizopus spores per gram. Compared to other tempeh starters on the market, our starter is very robust and will survive shipping conditions in summer months.

What is tempeh

Tempeh is one of the main protein sources in Indonesia but is growing in popularity around the world. This healthy and affordable food is made of soy fermented with Rhizopus fungi. The fermentation process decreases anti-nutrients and allergens, whereas it increases health-promoting bio-active compounds.

Traditionally, Indonesian tempeh makers harvested Rhizopus spores from hibiscus leaves, but today a commercial tempeh starter is used to start the fermentation process.

Making tempeh at home is easy: soak dehulled soybeans overnight in water, cook the soybeans with a bit of vinegar or lactic acid, drain and dry the beans, then inoculate with tempeh starter cultures and finally let the ferment for 24h to 48h at warm temperature. If you are new in making tempeh it is important that you follow the instructions on our DIY pages.  Later on you can introduce your own variations.

You can make the best tempeh from soybeans. But if you are allergic to soy you can use other beans such as black beans, beluga lentils, chickpeas or peanuts.