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With 10 g natto starter you can make 10 kg of delicious natto. The natto starter has a shelf-life of 1 year. Ingredients: rice, soya, bacillus natto spores.

7 reviews for Natto Starter 10g

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    Michel Jacobs


    Excellent and authentic culture. Already ordered several times. I appreciate this, because on the internet sometimes banal lactobacilli are offered as B. Subtilis natto. This is the real stuff, exactly what I ate in Japan.

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    good product. works even without perfect conditions. i make my natto on a heating mat and it works out every time.

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    I do about a year with these 10 grams. Eat about 50 grams of natto every day. I feel fine with it. I made a kind of stove with a lamp underneath for warmth and a thermostat so that it stays exactly 40 C. 24 hours is enough. Eat it with some soy sauce and mustard.

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    M Reich


    First I made my own natto with a great product. It worked great! Very easy to use and very effective. I just followed the instructions on the website and had no problems. My natto was very fibrous and tender. Will definitely buy it again.

  5. Dutch


    De gefermenteerde sojabonen zijn erg plakkerig, hebben een lekkere geur (….natto geur) en een goede smaak. Alles volgens de instructies van de site en de sojabonen 36 uur laten staan op 40 graden Celsius in een bakplaat bedekt met polyethyleen met enkele kleine gaatjes erin. Alles ontsmet met kokend water.

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    Busetta A

    It is very easy to make natto with these spores. I followed the easy instructions step-by-step. I tried other natto starters but this one is definitely the best!

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    These spores create the real natto like the ones you buy in Japan. Give it some time to work out what works best for you, don’t give up. What helped me was to dissolve the spores in a bit of hot water before mixing it through the cooked beans. The hotter the water, the stronger the natto threads. Enjoy!

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    the fermented soy beans are very sticky , have a nice scent (….natto scent) and a good taste. Everything following the instruction of the site and leaving the soy at 40 Celsius degrees in a baking tray covered with poly ethylene with some little hole in it for 36 h. Everything sanitized with boiling water

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